Holistic Sleep Therapy

October 25, 2018

          Due to the ever increasing levels of stress in modern life , many people find it increasingly more difficult to obtain a good nights sleep .  Many environmental factors in the modern workplace , serve to create deficiencies , in our bodies , which over time , make is vulnerable to stress & anxiety !


            Reduction in Sun exposure ~ ( A ) 

            Use of stimulants ~ ( B ) 

            Anxiety cycle ~ ( C ) 

            Dietary shortages ~ ( D )


           ( A )  The greatest single factor is lack of sunlight ! Sunlight serves to encourage generation of the all important hormone serotonin ,  which the entire surface of our skin is activated to produce . Have you ever noticed how relaxed & happy you are after a day at the beach ?  This is because your serotonin level dramatically increases with sun exposure !  

             Our bodies are designed to drink in this glorious sunlight  , and our overall health depends on it !  Many other health related components are also generated by sun exposure , vitamin D is one !  As well as over 300 other hormones & nutrients ( yes the sun is a health food also ) !   

          We have become an Indoors society , and are suffering the consequences ;  Out of balance with mother nature ; and not sleeping that well as a result ! Here at the Chateau ~ we offer U.V. therapy to correct for the imbalance ~ !


 ( B )  The use of stimulants , the most prominent of which is coffee ;  to which modern society has become addicted !  Running on your nerves ~ your body becomes depleted of Serotonin , which has far reaching detrimental effects !  The autonomic nervous system becomes engaged in a Flight or Fight response ~ to which there is no visible danger ! Here at the Chateau ~We can disengage the flight or fight response with hot water hydrotherapy !       



( C ) The next biggest factor impacting sleep is anxiety ; especially in women , whom are by nature , deficient in the critical hormone serotonin ( 42 % less than a man ) . Women are prone to the detrimental effects of stress more than a man ! As serotonin is released to counteract stress , women become marginal quicker ! The best therapy is to relay in a warm bath ! Warm water relaxes stressed nerves ~ especially the " fight or flight " autonomic bundle of nerves which parallel the spinal column ; These " fight or flight " nerves are part of man's prehistoric system which protected early man from eminent danger ! 



( D ) Dietary shortages ~ Are prevalent in modern society ; mostly due to fanatical dietary restrictions which act to rob the body of health ! Anxiety results from obsession , which is created by the ALTERNATIVE FOOD INDUSTRY ~ Which markets FEAR of traditional food stuffs , like DAIRY ! don't let yourself get caught up in THEIR FEAR MONGERING ! As previously mentioned ; the amino acid L ~ tryptophan essential for CALM NERVES ~ depends on proper dietary intake of DAIRY PRODUCTS ! 


PLEASE VISIT OUR BED & BREAKFAST ! Chateau du Lac ; in Shrewsbury Massachusetts ! I can help resolve your SLEEP PROBLEMS ~ and PUT YOU ON THE PATH TO HEALTH & WELLNESS !


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