Mitigate Mood swings With U.V.'s

November 20, 2018

            In summer months all nature is awake & thriving ; however with the gradual reduction in sunlight many changes begin to take place.  Plants & animals adapt to the season by transforming into dormancy , also humans become stimulated , to increase activity , to prepare for winter . This hyperactivity is probably due to a primitive need to pack away food for the long winter Loss of sleep also results ; However in this modern time this activity is misplaced and no longer needed .  The reduction in sunlight affects mood as the body goes through withdrawal ;            Our migrant friends , who have immigrated far north from their indigenous sunny climate ,  are most affected by the depressing effect of reduced sunlight ;  To mitigate this U.V. reduction effect I recommend indoor tanning as the best option !  I recommend 15 minutes every other day , to maintain mood stability & sleep ! 

        Another health benefit of U.V. exposure is the immune boosting effect of Vitamin D ~ for which 1,800 units / half hr. are produced during U.V. exposure ! Not to worry about indoor tanning ~ because the white coating on the bulbs are acting to filter our 95 % of the harmful U.V.A & U.V.B. rays ! 






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